Year-Round Mission


Rebuilding Together Spokane believes in a safe and healthy home for every person. We passionately believe that disabled and aging home owners should be able to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Homeowners displaced by naturals disasters will get back safe housing with help from a caring community. Our nation's veterans with disabilities deserve safe and accessible homes. Rebuilding Together Spokane believes in preserving affordable homeownership and revitalizing Spokane by providing free home modifications and repairs, making homes safer, more accessible and more energy efficient.


National Support... Local Focus

Rebuilding Together Spokane is a proud affiliate of the nation's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving home ownership and revitalizing communities.  Rebuilding Together Spokane has completed more than 70 repair and rehabilitation projects for both home and nonprofit facilities.

Building Community

We believe that everyone should have a warm, safe, and healthy home.  We are dedicated to preserving affordable home ownership and revitalizing the community.  Along with hundreds of volunteers and various community partners, we provide free renovation and critical repairs to low income, elderly, and veteran home owners in Spokane County.  We also perform facility repair and renovation work for other nonprofit organizations.


Rebuilding Together Spokane aims to work hand in hand with other nonprofits as well as businesses and community members to help as many people as possible in Spokane County to live comfortably and safely.


Rebuilding Together Spokane began in 2000 and has continued to enrich the lives of people in the Spokane community for the past 14 years. The current Board President, Dave Tutt helps carry on the mission of every person deserving a safe and warm home. With incredible dedication and persistence, Rebuilding Together Spokane has consistently participated in National Rebuilding Day. It is in this "can-do" spirit that Rebuilding Together Spokane continues to perform life-changing work to this day!


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